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Radio show Psychic, magazine columnist...
Welcome to Fortunes Told!

Find out what the future holds for you!

Do you have questions that you'd like to have answered by the Tarot or Astro-Dice?!   Are you curious about a dream and need help interpreting it?  If so, then Fortunes Told can help!


Hi, I'm Cheryl, owner of Fortunes Told and here's a peek at my metaphysical resume.  

I've hosted my own radio show and written my own magazine column!

I've been the weekly psychic of a radio show and a guest on many others!

I have done readings in several different countries and have a following from all over the world. I have read for individual clients as well as at lavish galas, small intimate affairs and huge corporate parties.  I have taught classes, done readings at psychic fairs, etc.  I have even given speeches about my craft to various groups.  Also, I am a member in good standing of a national Tarot organization.

I do have some celebrity clients, but of course I keep my client list discreet and confidential.

I began seeing visions of the Tarot when I was just five years old.  I've had premonitions, psychic dreams, and pre-cognition all my life.  I've never thought it odd, because for me, that's what normal is.  The psychic field is what I was born to do, so it is my "real life, full time job".

If you'd like to schedule an appointment or know more, please click the appropriate buttons.  Thanks for checking out my website!


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