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Cheryl is the Psychic's Psychic!


Here's what some of her colleagues and clients have said about her.


"I'm an astrologer and I've worked with a lot of other Tarot card readers before, but whenever I need a reading from the cards, I always go to Cheryl.  She's kind, caring and will always tell me the truth".

"She's the best Tarot card reader I've ever known!  And that's saying a lot, because I'm the second best card reader that I know!"

"She taught me everything I know about how to read, understand and interpret Tarot cards."

"Cheryl amazed me so much the first time I had her on the show that I invited her back as a permanent guest every week.  I'm glad I did too, because she really helped my ratings!"

"I've had a plethora of psychics on my radio show, so I know a lot about them.   CHERYL IS THE BEST!!!.  She's beautiful, smells GREAT, and is the most truthful, accurate and professional one I've ever met.  I call her for readings all the time!"

"Every time we have her on the show, the phone lines light up like a Christmas tree."
Matt & Rick

"I found out about her when she started writing a column for my boyfriend's magazine, so I went to her for my own reading.  She was right on target."

"I hire Cheryl to tell fortunes at our family reunion every year and she's always the hit of the party!"

"She's AWESOME!!!!!"
Lynnie W.

"Her accuracy amazes me.  She's almost scary."

"She's funny, down to earth and makes a lot of sense.

"I've never even seen her, but I feel like she's my best friend.  She knows me better than anyone.  I know that sounds strange, but she reads my cards over the phone, so that's why I've never seen her before."
Michaela D

"Cheryl read Tarot cards and palms for our company picnic last year and now everyone's looking for excuses to have another party so we can get her back again.   It's the only time I've ever seen my employees wait in line and not complain.   She's a great entertainer!"

"During the summer months, when everyone goes on vacation, the attendance at our meetings really goes down hill, so, since I've always been fascinated by psychics, I asked Cheryl to speak at our group.  When word got out that she was going to be there, everyone changed their plans and it was the highest attended meeting that we've ever had!   Everyone wants to know when we can have her back.  She's sharp, she really knows her stuff."

"I first met Cheryl when she read my cards and palms at one of our society benefits.  It was uncanny!  It was as though she had been with me and lived my life with me, even though I had never seen her before.  I have since become one of her regular clients and biggest fans.  I also keep her busy doing the society circuit!"
Janet E


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